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Maria Del Real was born in the land of good people: Aguascalientes, Mexico. From an early age she began acting in plays. Her first ever role was The Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood at age five. Her family history led her to train Taekwondo for ten years, winning several regional competitions. She studied a B.S. in Communications from which she graduated with the top grade and continued acting in independent plays and short films. She also worked as a news anchor at Televisora Potosina Canal 13.

She received a full scholarship to train as an actress at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, where she stood out for her interpretation in Her Naked Skin by Rebecca Lenkiewicz and Middletown by Will Eno. She expanded her abilities to film production where she wrote, directed, produced, and performed in her own films.

She was awarded the maximum prize for the Three Arts Scholarship in 2017 and 2018, competing with candidates from several universities in the Tri-State area. Having graduated Suma Cum Laude for the second time in her life, her colleagues recognize her talent and work culture as "The Lioness," "The Tsunami of Projects," and "The Woman who gets things done."

In 2018 Maria performed in the U.S Premiere of the Pink Floyd's Opera Another Brick In The Wall, directed by Dominic Champagne, featuring original music and lyrics by Roger Waters.

Today Maria lives in Los Angeles, California and continues perfecting her skills and working as an actress.



"Another Brick in the Wall" (Opera) Dominic Champagne (2018) - Producer's Girlfriend
“H2O: A Play About Water” (Play) Richard Hess (2018) – Ceremonialist
"Out of the Box" (Student Short) Jenna Adkins (2018) - Diaper Lady
"The Update" (Student Short) Matthew Harris (2018) - Executive
“Love and Information” (Play) Brant Russel (2018) – Various
“Modern Friendship” (Short) Caleb Smiley (2018) – Fernanda
“The Northbend House” (Short) Barry Herbers (2018) – Margot
“Emotive” (Short) Matt Harris (2017) – Herself
“Hamlet” (Play) Susan Felder (2017) – Player King
“Her Naked Skin” (Play) Richard Hess (2017) – Florence Boorman
“A Dar Voces” (Play) Gemma Ibarra (2017) – Suicidal Woman
“Vaper at the Gate” (Play) Dan Winters (2017) – Wayer
“Self-prescribed” (Short) Steven Otto (2017) – Doctor
“Middletown” (Play) Richard Hess (2016) – Librarian
“Naked Strangers” (Play) Richard Hess (2016) – Herself
“Citas” (Musical Theater) Alberto Goñi (2016) – Monica
“Pentecost” (Play) Richard Hess (2015) – Tunu
“Under” (Short) Tyler Harris (2015) – Sofia
“Alicia” (Play) Omar Flores Sarabia (2009) – Alicia’s Mother
“Chicago” (Musical Theater) Eric Chavez (2008) – Velma Kelly
“El Ladrón de Tiempo” (Play) Omar Flores Sarabia (2007) – Sibyl Vane
“Moulin Rouge” (Musical Theater) Gustavo Bárcena (2006) – Garden Girl
“Into the Woods” (Musical Theater) Sachi Uchisato (2004) – Jack’s Mother


"Nightlight" (Play) CCM (2018) - Co-director, Fight Choreo, Tech Master
“Hamlet” (Teaser) CCM (2017) – Director
“Her Naked Skin” (Teaser) CCM (2017) – Director
“A Dar Voces” (Teaser) La Alfombra Teatro (2017) – Director
“Drifted” (Student Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2017) – Director
“Harper Merman’s Project” (Play) Transmigration (2017) – Video, Sound, Lighting Design
“The Pencil” (Student Short) Digital Media Collaborative (2017) – Creator
“Sun Days are for Lovers” (Student Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2016) – Director
“165 W. McMillan” (Student Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2015) – Producer
"To See Him Again” (Student Short) Digital Media Collaborative (2016) – Writer, Director, Producer