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Hello! I am Mafer, a passionate performer and film director.

Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, Mafer graduated with a BS in Communications from Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi in 2010. While still a student, she worked as a news anchor in the television program Hoy Informativo at Canal 13, and as a co-host for the science radio program A Bordo de la Ciencia at Radio Universidad. During this time, Mafer started performing in several independent plays and short films. When she moved to Cincinnati in 2011, she worked as an actress and model for commercials.

Her professional training as a performer started in 2014 when she entered the Acting program of the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati. At CCM, she has had voice and speech training under the expertise coaching of Rocco Dal Vera and D’Arcy Smith; theatrical techniques like Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavsky, Suzuki, ViewPoints, and Alba with Richard Hess, Giles Davies, and Susan Felder; as well as unarmed and rapier and dagger stage combat with master K. Jenny Jones.

Just for fun, Mafer enjoys singing Opera, Boleros, and Mariachi, listening to audiobooks, and cooking authentic Mexican food.



“H2O” (Play) Richard Hess (2018) – Herself
“Unnamed” (Play) Gemma Ibarra (2018) – Wife
“Love and Information” (Play) Brant Russel (2018) – Various
“Modern Friendship” (Short) Caleb Smiley (2018) – Fernanda
“The Northbend House” (Short) Barry Herbers (2018) – Margot
“Emotive” (Short) Matt Harris (2017) – Herself
“Hamlet” (Play) Susan Felder (2017) – Player King
“Her Naked Skin” (Play) Richard Hess (2017) – Florence Boorman
“A Dar Voces” (Play) Gemma Ibarra (2017) – Suicidal Woman
“Vaper at the Gate” (Play) Dan Winters (2017) – Wayer
“Self-prescribed” (Short) Steven Otto (2017) – Doctor
“Middletown” (Play) Richard Hess (2016) – Librarian
“Naked Strangers” (Play) Richard Hess (2016) – Herself
“Citas” (Musical Theater) Alberto Goñi (2016) – Monica
“Pentecost” (Play) Richard Hess (2015) – Tunu
“Under” (Short) Tyler Harris (2015) – Sofia
“Alicia” (Play) Omar Flores Sarabia (2009) – Alicia’s Mother
“Chicago” (Musical Theater) Eric Chavez (2008) – Velma Kelly
“El Ladrón de Tiempo” (Play) Omar Flores Sarabia (2007) – Sibyl Vane
“Moulin Rouge” (Musical Theater) Gustavo Bárcena (2006) – Garden Girl
“Into the Woods” (Musical Theater) Sachi Uchisato (2004) – Jack’s Mother


“Hamlet” (Teaser) CCM (2017) – Director
“Her Naked Skin” (Teaser) CCM (2017) – Director
“A Dar Voces” (Teaser) La Alfombra Teatro (2017) – Director
“Drifted” (Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2017) – Director
“Harper Merman’s Project” (Play) Transmigration (2017) – Video, Sound, Lighting Design
“The Pencil” (Short) Digital Media Collaborative (2017) – Creator
“Sun Days are for Lovers” (Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2016) – Director
“165 W. McMillan” (Short) CCM 48 Hour Film Festival (2015) – Producer
"To See Him Again” (Short) Digital Media Collaborative (2016) – Writer, Director, Producer